Fostering The Discipline And Work Ability Of Employees At PT. Telkom Kandatel Makassar

  • Inayatul Mutmainnah Universitas Pepabri Makassar, Indonesia
  • Resky Amalia P Universitas Pepabri Makassar, Indonesia
Keywords: Coaching; Labor Discipline; Employability; Employees; PT. Telkom Kandatel


This study aims to determine the development of discipline and work ability of employees at PT. Telkom Kandatel Makassar.The methods used in this study are literature and field. The type used is descriptive based on survey research. The population in this study is all employees in the pt. Telkom Kandatel Makassar as many as 65 people. Sampling in this study used the stratified proportional random sampling technique, taking 60% of the total population so that the number of samples of 39 was rounded to 40 people. The data sources used are primary and secondary. Data collection tools are in the form of documentation, interviews, and questionnaires. Data analysis techniques are carried out qualitatively, namely the data that has been collected is categorized according to the frequency of respondents' assessment of research questions. The results showed that the implementation of disciplinary regulatory guidance and employee work ability to achieve a level of performance that can support the main tasks within the PT Office. Telkom Kandatel Makassar refers to the Civil Service Discipline Regulation which is regulated in Government Regulation Number 30 of 1980. Fostering discipline and work ability of employees through providing examples of complying with the rules of discipline and work ability, providing a letter of assignment/permission to leave work, and providing punitive sanctions for employees who make mistakes/violations of disciplinary rules.

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