Islamic Education And Requirements For Link And Match With The World Of Work

  • Siti Yumnah STAI Pancawahan Bangil, Indonesia
Keywords: Islamic Education, Link and Match, World of Work


 Islamic education is facing the challenges of modern human life which are quite complex in nature. One of them is how Islamic education can produce moral individuals in the face of rapid societal change, so that Islamic education products can compete competitively and proactively in the world of contemporary society, especially in the world of modern society., especially in the demands of the world of work. This study uses a qualitative research approach with the type of literature research which aims to study from the point of view of the literature regarding the efforts of Islamic education in providing alternative solutions in dealing with demands in the world of work through link and match policies implemented in Islamic educational institutions, and how the role of education is Islam in forming students who have a competent and professional Islamic work ethic spirit, and can find out which skills and skills are most in demand and needed in the world of work.


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