Early Detection Of Mental Disorders In Tada, Lela Village, Sikka Regency

  • Antonia Rensiana Reong Akademi Keperawatan St. Elisabeth Lela, Indonesia
  • Emerensiana Watu Akademi Keperawatan St. Elisabeth Lela, Indonesia
  • Veronika Nona Daro Akademi Keperawatan St. Elisabeth Lela, Indonesia
Keywords: Early Detection; Mental disorders


Mental Health Doesn't Just Discuss Problems With Mental Disorders, But Healthy Groups And Risks Also Need To Be Known To Get More Appropriate Actions, namely: Healthy Groups to Stay Healthy, Risk Groups Don't Become Disruptive, and Disordered Groups Stay Productive in the Community. So it is necessary to identify mental health problems through early detection. This study aims to carry out early detection of the risk of mental disorders in the community in Tada Hamlet. This research design uses a quantitative descriptive method, using a random sampling technique. The data collection instrument used a questionnaire. Based on the research results obtained from 30 respondents who are at risk of experiencing mental disorders as many as 19 people, and 11 people who are not at risk of experiencing mental disorders; 1) psychological and psychoactive disorders were 8 respondents (27%), while 22 respondents (73%) did not experience the risk of mental disorders. 2) psychoactive disorders and drugs 6 respondents (20%), and 24 respondents (80%). 3) psychoactive disorders 3 respondents (10%) and 27 respondents (90%). 4) past trauma stress disorder 1 respondent (3%), and 29 respondents (97%).


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